• Grasse is A perfume village in France with 500 years of tradition and pride producing over 6,000 different fragrances, 2/3 of French perfume compounds are produced. The homeland that embodies the spirit of perfumers itself
  • Miniature GRASSE DIFFUSER season I - Special edition designed for “Baby bottle” of the original version
  • A delicate fragrance from a classical wood ball - Installing a wood ball into a bottle. This wood ball absorbs fragrance liquid and it’s delicately spreading in the air Contains luxurious Lavender essential oil
  • Mixed the luxurious Lavender essential oil and makes it have a more rich aroma so you can enjoy Cute & Stylish natural fine tree wood - ball design, wherever you can use and well matched
  • Luxurious design is well matched to Living room, Study, Bedroom, Office and Restaurant as well as Cup holder in your car

Grasse L'Esterel Diffuser Vent Clip_Berry & Cherry

  • Specification: 10 ㎖(0.34Oz)


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