• Provides and keeps brand-new, deep original gloss of the painted surface of the vehicle.
  • Provided a specially designed chamois cloth for Crystal Coat
  • Repeats application and creates layer-by-layer coating for long-lasting gloss
  • By smoothing the painted surface evenly, Crystal Coat creates high-water repellent effect preventing the adhesion and penetration of contaminants & maintaining the paint’s luster.
  • Restores old car surface up to 85 GU(Gloss Unit); new car’s GU is approximately 90


  • Ideal to use as a small interior accessory in your car.
  • Contains the membrane with 100% Natural Essential Oil that releases a relaxing and refreshing scent. (Oil from Internationally renowned fragrance company, “Charabot” in France)
  • Refillable (Provided one extra membrane)

First Class Crystal Coat & Pola Family Vent Clip Type

$19.99 Regular Price
$18.79Sale Price
  • Specification:

    First Class Crystal Coat 10.14 oz

    & Pola Family Vent Clip Type 0.15 oz * 2 ea



    Restore & Maintain Pristine Beaty of a New Car!

    Vent Clip Type Car Air Freshener/ perfume